You can make a difference and it’s easier - and more fun - than you think.

If you’re not sure where to begin, start off easy.


Donate…your time

If you don’t know where to start come join us at an event or reach out to local charities in your own community. There are soup kitchens, animals rescues, environmental organizations all over. And then, you can start organizing your own events! Remember, it always start with a first step. And don’t be shy! Get out there, even if you go alone. Sparrow and Maria both went their first events alone… was it a little scary? Yes. Did we feel shy? Yep. But the outcome has been far greater than any fear.



Spread the Word

Share our message! If you don’t know what else to do simply start spreading the word on social media, with your friends and family. And if people don’t support your positive vibes, that’s okay! People who do will show up. Share our message and make it your own. Do it with love, with compassion, pride and strength. And of course do it - From The Heart!


There’s a wondrous world out there, All you have to do to find it is - open your heart.

– Sparrow & Maria