Working as a team gives people a sense of belonging and accomplishment which empowers individuals and encourages our volunteers to actively get involved and become part of the solution.

Keep coming back as we update upcoming events!


Wolf Connection - Sunset With the Wolves.

This was our first Sunset with the Wolves habitat cleaning at Wolf Connection and it was a huge success. Not only did we have a blast clearing out the habitats, we had magical time meeting the pack. With absolute gratitude we would like to share a video that shows a tiny piece of the magic that we all experienced.

Pick Up For Paradise with The Wave Silent Disco!

We did something a little different this time by starting with a meditation led by the founder of Engage the Vision, Greg Kinsey, and following that with silent Disco with The Wave Silent Disco! One hundred and fourteen people showed up to clean our coastline and we couldn’t be happier!


Pick Up For Paradise with Heal The Bay - Co-ed.

Our 10th Pick Up For Paradise, can you believe it? Everyone was all smiles picking up trash on a sunny California day - as you can see, in the lower right picture, we are grooming our future board members. We collected 3094 pieces on this clean-up and in total we have picked up 40,447 items! It’s amazing what we can do when we come together!

PS - We love that the boys are joining us with our beach efforts!


Pick Up For Paradise with Los Angeles Circle of Giving.

This clean up started as all of our Pick Up For Paradise’s do, with some music and some words about our environment from Sparrow, the boys were all engaged and asking questions which always makes us happy. Then, the founder of Los Angeles Circle of Giving led us all through a mindful meditation which made the day extra special. And if that wasn’t enough, we learned that some of the boys had never ever put their toes in the sand before! What a great experience for us all.


Pick Up For Paradise with Heal The Bay - Girls Only!

Sometimes we like to leave the boys at home and bring a bunch of amazing ladies together to get their hands dirty and help breathe some life back into our oceans. Don’t worry boys, most of our Pick Ups are co-ed.


Pick Up For Paradise - Heal The Bay

We try to host Pick Up For Paradise at least 3 times/year, these events are lead by Sparrow in conjunction with Heal The Bay who we hand over the data to after the event. We are very proud to say that From The Heart Tribe’s clean up efforts has allowed us to adopt a piece of Santa Monica Beach!

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Wolf Connection wolf sanctuary - Sorry boys, this one was girls only too!

The ladies showed up in full force to help Wolf Connection clear branches to create a proper and safe hiking path for the wolves.

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Wolf Connection wolf sanctuary - Removing Foxtails

This time the boys were welcomed to join us. Wolf Sanctuary events have very limited space and it is important that everyone who confirms shows up because we have a job to do whenever we go there. This time around we helped weed Foxtails that can be detrimental, even deadly, to a wolf. After we do a couple of hours of manual labor, we get to meet the wolves!


Farm Sanctuary - Getting Warm n Fuzzy with Friends.

Farm Sanctuary strives to educate through compassion and facts about the mistreatment of our animals in the meat and dairy industry. We brought a group of open hearts to learn and connect with these fuzzy friends that ALL need our help.

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Humane Society Ventura County - Fire Relief

From the Heart Tribe was getting callas and texts asking where to help out during the fires of 2017. We decided we had to do something so, last minute we put a post up with information on how to help out some of the animals who were displaced. A few of us jumped in our cars last minute and drove up to Ventura county to help out at the Humane Society and we were happy to see some other FTHT volunteers show up too!


Documentary screenings - Good for the mind, good for the soul.

We love to come together to watch some of our favorite, and some new, documentaries in a relaxed atmosphere. We have a couple lined up for 2019 including FINDING52 - a documentary not yet released that From The Heart Tribe’s co-founder Maria helped produce. Who’s up for movie night?!