Who Are we?

First of all, WE are a combination of every single volunteer who has ever donated their time to From The Heart Tribe. We would love to have you come out to a FTHT event, so here’s a little bit about the founders.


Sparrow Heatley

Sparrow is a massage therapist and yoga instructor who works with top athletes and people fighting cancer.  She holds two degrees in business and management, as well as a permaculture design certificate. 

While living in the Bahamas in 2012, Sparrow organized her first beach clean-up. On top of hosting major clean-ups, she was managing natural food growth for the Bahamas while working with the deputy of the Prime Minister, Mother Cynthia A. Pratt, on re-developing dilapidated recreational parks. During that time she worked with Ambassador Ned Siegel to implement a breast cancer awareness walk to educate the people about improper dumping of toxic waste and how it can cause breast cancer by seeping into the water supply. 

As an ocean advocate, Sparrow organizes scientific data collection in order to advance environmental legislation in California, which contributed to the banning of plastic bags and plastic straws.  As a public speaker, she raised awareness for the “Clean Water Act” Measure W on behalf of Heal The Bay. 

Sparrow’s environmentally focused events help people connect the dots between things like single-use plastic and how it is destroying our oceans and our planet.  By teaming up with TreePeople (a California 501c3 for mountain and park restoration) Sparrow brought a group of volunteers to Griffith Park in Los Angeles where we planted 100 trees that helped the environment flourish.  Her events with Heal The Bay (a California 501c3 for ocean health) have allowed FTHT to adopt the Santa Monica beach through the California Coastal Commission’s Adopt-A-Beach program.

Sparrow is continuing her education for green initiatives and renewable energy through Santa Monica Sustainability Works. 


Maria Bertrand

Maria’s volunteering started when she was fifteen years old when she started helping out at an animal sanctuary in Montreal Canada. She moved to Los Angeles in 2002 to pursue her career as a producer, writer and actor and she has worked with powerhouses such as Gerard Butler, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Sam Rockwell, Brad Pitt and many more. 

Speaking out for our furry - and not so furry- friends is a big passion for Maria. She has been published in magazines and online platforms such a Thrive Global where she uses her voice to raise awareness and compassion for the environment and animals.

She is a certified Pilates instructor, certified personal trainer, a biology major and has a degree in health science. Her education comes in handy when speaking at schools about health, wellness and how everything, including our environment and what we eat play a major role in our survival and happiness.

Maria’s events focus on animals, their welfare, their rights and finding connection in order to create understanding, empathy and compassion.  By creating events with amazing sanctuaries like The Gentle Barn, Farm Sanctuary, and Wolf Connection (all California 501c3’s for the betterment of animals well being), she has provided the opportunity for our volunteers to connect with animals.  During the events, there is education about the food industry on animal cruelty so people can make more compassionate decisions in their daily lives.

Maria is currently working with Lost Lane Entertainment where she helps develop and produce, movies, TV shows and documentaries.  She is an executive producer on documentary alongside environmentalists such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Adrian Grenier, called Finding 52: The search for the loneliest whale, set to be released this year.