We bring like-minded people together to connect with animals, the environment and each other, in order to raise awareness and help conserve our world and the animals who graciously share it with us.


From The Heart Tribe is a platform created by Sparrow Heatley and Maria Bertrand with the purpose of bringing like-minded humans together to help animals and the environment in order to gain a stronger connection and understanding of the world around us. Maria and Sparrow’s passion is to inspire others to actively get involved in their homes, in their communities, in the world, to raise awareness about the issues we face and, most of all, to be part of the solution.

I hope people start to look at their lives as the most powerful and creative act they will ever offer the world.
— Tom Shadyac

What We've Achieved

  • A lot of smiles.

  • A lot of fun.

  • Raising awareness.

  • Educational speeches

  • Spreading compassion.

  • Bringing people together to do good.

  • Inspiring others to start volunteering.

  • Helping local 501(c)3’s

  • Facilitating friendships

  • TV interview

  • Providing warm hugs.

  • Giving people some guidance when it comes to volunteering.

  • Did we mention a lot of fun and smiles?

  • We adopted the Santa Monica beach through the California Coastal Commission Adopt-A-Beach program.

through our efforts we have also accomplished some amazing and tangible achievements


We hope you will find inspiration in what we do and emulate, mimic, copy and recreate it a thousand times over in your own community.

Do good. Feel good.