It’s important to us to be able to compensate our leaders for going above and beyond, for showing up and creating a events that bring joy, passion and raise awareness. Everyone’s time is valuable and so is this planet. Your contribution also enables us to continue doing our work and to become scaleable in order to bring our model to other cities.

Donate Now

You donation helps us with:

  • Operational expenses as a 501(c)3 public charity

  • Website maintenance

  • Marketing: social media, photographers, videographers,

  • Be a self sustaining organization following CA Coastal Commission protocols to run beach cleanups with our own materials and equipment. ie, recycled trash made into reusable collection buckets, reusable cotton gloves, FTHT flag and beach tent, pay for the DJ for a silent disco, beverages, food. 

  • Pay leads in different communities to organize FTHT events.

  • Pay for specialized educational classes for FTHT volunteers looking to expand their outreach with our favorite organizations

  • Microphone & speaker

  • Bringing kids to beach clean ups or animal events who have never had the opportunity to give-back as we did with Circle Of Giving event. Pay for transportation and lunch for the kids to be able to have the experience.

  • Cotton reusable work gloves for work events

  • Snacks and beverages for events

  • A filament printer for the collected plastic and non recycled plastic 

  • Organize and pay for events to honor our favorite non-profits

  • Organize larger events for non-profits and be able to bring supplies to help with maintenance at sanctuaries, schools or other organizations. Examples would be: repainting fences, rebuilding enclosures, machine for plastic removal  on beaches etc.

  • Creating materials for speaking engagements at schools and helping create a give-back program that engages students.

  • Sending out a monthly newsletter showcasing our events, volunteers and favorite causes.